Rhyl Chimney Sweeping

Sweeping Chimneys in Rhyl, Denbighshire is what Chimney sweep services have been carrying out since 2008. We strive to provide a clean, professional and prompt service as possible. We pride ourselves on great customer feedback.

Rhyl chimney sweeping services

Provided by fully qualified and registered chimney sweepers company and can help you prevent chimney fires and reduce the chance of dangerous fire emissions, read the full list of reasons to have your chimney swept. If your home has a chimney it is important that you do not leave it alone too long and let it get too dirty as this could prove to be extremely dangerous. We can send a chimney sweep to you remove the build up of soot and any other debris such as nests, leaves and cobwebs.

Once we have completed our chimney cleaning services in Rhyl, Prestatyn, Abergele and most of the North Wales area, we can issue you with a safety certificate. This will help you when sorting out house insurance issues as it shows you are unlikely to suffer from dangers such as chimney fires.

Fully qualified and registered Chimney sweeper in Rhyl

Always make sure that your Chimney sweep is registered with the ICS (Institute of Chimney Sweeps), there a lot of Chimney sweepers who have no authority to service your chimney and using them can be dangerous.

So if you have been looking for a chimney sweep in Rhyl look no further.

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2 thoughts on “Rhyl Chimney Sweeping

  1. A thoroughly dependable and professional company. Highly recommended.
    Mrs Edina Jean, Rhyl

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